By Pastor Austin Udeoha

This tract has given me opportunity to remind you that you are Mr. Mrs. Master and Miss. Dust. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken; for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return” {Genesis 3:19} Whatever name you bear is given to you by your parents or yourself, but your real name that God gave you is Prof., Dr. Madam, Chief Mrs. Mr. Dust, At last Mr. Death must take Mr. Dust to eternity, heaven or hell.  Moses was once a Prophet and the meekest man on earth, when the candle of his life came to finality, God called him to present himself to Mr. Death (Deuteronomy 31:14; 34:5). David was once the sweet Psalmist of Israel and a great warrior who killed Golliath, yet, a day came when he had his last words to speak on earth and Mr. Death laid claim on Mr. Dust (2 Samuel 23:1-3; 1 Kings 2:11).

Mr. Dust Pharaoh of Egypt with his fearsome face was once in power and boldly asked  “Who is that God that I should obey Him? But at last both he and his sinful soldiers were arrested by Mr. Death and were drowned at the Red Sea and they went to hell unprepared. (Exodus 5:2; 14:24-31), So it was with Mr. Dust Nebuchadnezzar, who learnt his lesson – Seven years in the bush (Daniel 4:31-37)

Mr. Dust Belshezar believed  when {It was too late, his knees smote one  another and he was declared a wanted man  and the same night Mr. Death took Mr. Dust to the angry God whom he lived in sin against (Daniel 5:25-31). Mr. Dust King Herod was not spared by Mr. Death who plagued him with worms and he tasted hellfire  from this earth (Arts 12:21-24). It was always the case, so it has been from Adam to date  (Genesis 5:5-32). But the question is – Mr. Dust are you for Mr. Death? Listen, Your death is what nobody will die for you? There are three things God hides from man about Mr. Death. First, when you will die. Secondly, where you will die and thirdly, how you will die. No man has answered any of these, and that is why even when it remains a step between man and his death, he is still planning what he will do many years ahead, not knowing that he has only few hours to live  (Luke12:15-21). Its Satan’s deception for Mr. Dust to plan to marry, to read and to build but never plans to die.

If you live well you will die well. But if you live without Christ without God without repentance then you will die Christ-less, without God and without heaven

Remember! Your shadow is God’s C.I.D recording your secret activities here on earth. That is why he is doing everything with you taking record for God. When you die he will take your case file to God’s judgment table (Hebrews 4:13, 9:27)

Mr. Dust, will you escape? Beware and be born again – (John 3:3) . Mr. Dust, the only hope and the way of escape is not hiding in the church and still living in sin, such as adultery, fornication, stealing, preferential treatment, uncleanness, pride, hatred, evil speaking, retaliation, evil thought, blasphemy, compromise of your faith, kickbacks, fortunetelling, star gazing, hot temper, lies, cheating, deceitfulness, hypocrisy, grudges, anger, malice, giving and receiving bribes, unfaithfulness, tale-bearing, backbiting, wrath, unforgiving spirit, ‘419’, envy, jealousy, talkativeness, masturbation, smoking, drunkenness, alcoholism, false witness, falsifying receipts and accounts, examination malpractices, sitting examinations for another person, working with another person’s  certificates, collecting money for contract not executed, Laziness, lesbianism, homosexuality, watching immoral films and pornography, duping other people both at home and abroad, tapping electricity light or adjusting NEPA metre, Idol worshiping, armed robbery or one chance business, polygamy, divorce and remarriage, witchcraft, occultism (cults, secret societies, sorcery), murder, abortion, gossip, abusive language, wickedness, relabeling and selling of expired drugs, removal of land marks, failing of student for refusing immorality and uncleanness, child trafficking, oppression, corruptions, hire-killer, lust of the flesh, worldliness etc.

  1. The only hope and way is JESUS CHRIST who died for you. Acknowledge your sins today completely, completely confess them. Repent and forsake every known sin and receive Christ now (Acts 3:19, Proverb 13; John 1:12)


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