Onowu Franklin Igwe

High Chief Franklin Igwe (ONOWU)

By Frontline Reporters

A frontline politician and an Uli community leader, Onowu Franklin Igwe, has called for the abrogation of 1999 constitution to give way for true federalism.

Onowu Igwe who made the call in an exclusive chat with Frontline Reporters in his country home Uli, said that the 1999 constitution as amended is an aberration and indeed, a fraud, observing that the drafters of the present constitution did not mean well for Nigeria, as it was designed to favour one side of the country.

The Anambra state born High Chief noted that until Nigeria returns to true federalism, which will make the centre not to have too much power and in return, make the regions have the opportunity to develop at their own pace, we will continue to exchange baton of leadership without meaningful developments.

Onowu appealed to the national assembly to adopt parliamentary democracy, whereby legislators will legislate on part time basis.

Onowu Franklin Igwe

This, according to him, will bring down cost of governance, leading to more resources going into education, health and road construction and maintenance, as well as increase production at the regions. He added that part time legislature will also reduce cost of electioneering campaign and make the centre less attractive.

“Under the present constitution, no Nigerian will govern successfully because it is a regulated Constitution made to favour the North. Only a parliamentary democracy will pay off for Nigeria, because it has the tendency to engender development across the six geo-political zones. As it is today, the President is so incapacitated to execute projects in favour of regions other than the North. Neither can he create states or even Local Governments.

All we need is Devolution of powers that will emanate from amendment of the present constitution of 1999 , take us back to the federating units of 1951 – 1960,” Onowu remarked.

Onowu Franklin Igwe

Though Onowu acknowledged the fact that it is only the South east zone that is yet to produce a Nigerian President, he however noted that even a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction will be nonsense without first amending the present constitution to give room for robust developments across the states of the federation.

Onowu Igwe also appealed to Uli elites to do their best to see that peace returns to the community. He called on the President General of Uli to summon stakeholders meetings where the needs of the community will articulated, encouraging Uli community people to begin to think home by citing industries, which according to him, will lead to the emancipation of the poor and indigents in his community.

High Chief Franklin Igwe (ONOWU)

“Because of balkanization, crises, division in our town, nobody has time to think home to help our people who deserve attention. Where there is peace and true reconciliation, all these players will go out by themselves to preach to those wealthy indigenes to think home. By this their mindset will change and they will start building factories and other projects that will liberate our people from abject poverty. Many are out there with money but because of the obvious problems they don’t have the interest of investing to boost employment because those who are supposed to appeal to them could not.

Onowu appealed to the President Generals and the State Governors in the South east to form a strong security outfit that can be liked to that of Amotekun to fight insurrection in the region, saying that it is enshrined in the constitution for a people to defend themselves.

Onowu Franklin Igwe

Onowu Franklin Igwe  who is also currently an Airtel partner in Anambra state and doing a lot of housing scheme in the state, said he would want to be remembered as one who encouraged Peace and development in his community, as one who preached love of one another, and as a believer in citing of projects that will affect the well-being of Uli people at home.




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